29 November 2014

Currently #2: November

Hi Bohomantics! The second currently post is finally here. Sorry for the delay, but I have some personal stuff going on and I couldn't find the time and the strenght to write you cool posts. But no worries, I'm back on track!


  • thinking about: how we all should do whatever makes us happy. If you have plans, hopes, dreams, wishes... don't wait to fulfill them. If there is one thing I've learnt this week, it's that you have to enjoy life, because all at once it can be over. Don't hesitate, don't wait or you will regret it forever. Just jump into it. Not that I'm such a brave adventurer, but I'm getting there. I used to be so hesitant. There are tons of stuff I want to do and my bucket list only gets longer and longer. But a while ago I realized that my bucket list only would stay a random meaningless enumeration of actions if I never actually did something on that list. So that's the point where I decided to start living and do the things I want to do. The blog is one example of that. As far as I can remember I've been interested in fashion since I was a little kid. I wanted to start a blog for a very long time, but I never did. Until I finally took the step. And I don't have one minute's regret. So that's at least one thing on the list I can line through. I just hate laying in bed, going through the past day and have to wonder 'what if...'. And it happens more to me than I want. But like I said, I'm working on it. If you recognize yourself in this, then keep this little mantra in mind: 'Start each day like it's your birthday'. It sounds a bit stupid, but it can give you that extra push you need ;)
  • addicted to: tea! Until two years ago, I absolutely hated tea. I thought it tastes like hot dish water, haha! But one way or another I started to like it and now I'm hooked. I often bring a whole thermos of lemon tea to class. It's nice to warm up after a cold ride on my Vespa and the lemon keeps me awake during the early hours of class. Two birds with one stone. And I think there are way more unhealthier things to be addicted to, right? My favourite is green tea with orange/lemon flavour.
  • watching: The Help. My mother and I have developed a little tradition. Six years ago when we went on vacation together, my mom asked if she could read the book I brought with me, because she was bored. During that vacation we were reading the same copy at the same time. My mom isn't such a reader, but every summer when we go on vacation we read the same book now. We even make a little competition of it and try to finish  the book first. She wins all the time! Anyway, this summer we read The Help from American author Kathryn Stockett. Such a great book. I would recommend it to you all. It's about a future journalist who tries to find her place in the American South of the sixties but can't except the way black helps are treated by their so called madams. Together with two maids she collects the stories of black helps all around Jackson, Mississippi and writes them down in a 'scandalous' book that might bring them all in danger. This month I watched the filmed version. The leads are played by Emma Stone, Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer and Bryce Dallas Howard. All very strong and beautiful actors. Really, if you don't know what film to watch, look no further!
  • purchased: The ones who follow me on Instagram might have seen it already, but there's a new addition to my already massive shoe collection (sorry for being such a cliché, but I do own a lot of shoes... and clothes... and jewelry... I think you get me ;) ). Besides the obligate All Stars I didn't own any pair of sneakers so this was a justified purchase. Mostly I wear heels or boots, but lately I feel like dressing really comfortable. When I saw these babies I fell immediately in love, but I still had my doubts because sneakers just don't look good on me. When I tried them on I was surprised, because they actually were great. Can't wait to show them in an outfitpost!
So that was it for November. I hope you had a lovely month and that December will be even better. Take care!

28 November 2014

Fashion reads

Hi Bohomantics! It’s getting colder and days are getting shorter. No other season as perfect to hide under a blanket with a good book and a cup of tea. Not that I have the time right now with all these crazy deadlines, but hey, a girl can dream ;) As a real bookworm and fashionista I own a lot of fashion books. And since this is a fashion blog I thought I could share some of them with you guys.

I'll start off with my favourite. Facehunter is filled with tons of inspirational and stunning pictures from street style photographer Yvan Rodic. Seriously, I get so much inspiration out of his work. When I don't know what to wear or just when I feel like it I leaf through the book. I've done it a million times, but every time I open it I discover something new in his photos. Highly recommended! You can follow his work on www.facehunter.org

As a successful stylist and famous Belgian socialiteTiany Kiriloff has seen the whole world and knows the best addresses to shop, eat, sleep and find unique things. In Tiany Kirilove she shares all those insider's tips with you. The perfect guide for fashionable globetrotters.

Every fashionista longs to have that je-ne-sais-quoi Parisian women have. In La Parisienne Inès de La Fressange, textbook example of the Parisian woman, tells you all the ins and outs of timeless class. I'm absolutely no proponent of rules and certainly not in fashion, but you have to know the rules before you break them. And just look at that beautiful book cover. Speaking of class...

Little Black Book by Belgian fashion blogger Sofie Valkiers is packed with personal stories and her favourite addresses. I think this book is the weakest of my selection, because I have read a lot of similar books and I have a bit the "been there done that-feeling". But if you want to start reading a fashion book and you don't know what to pick, this is a great start. The pictures and lay-out are a big bonus.

And last but defenitely not least is Style Yourself. Successful fashion bloggers from all over the world give you cool styling tips and stimulate you to start experimenting and discover your own style. Many of my favourite fashion bloggers are in it. 

So what are you waiting for? Pick one and start reading, looking, being inspired... Enjoy!

P.S.: If you have some favourite fashion books as well, don't hesitate to share on the blog. I'll be happy to hear from you.

14 November 2014

The great esCAPE

Hi Bohomantics! Here's another outfitpost to start off the weekend. I've always been a great fan of capes, because of the versatility of the garment. It actually doesn't matter what you wear underneath. A cape makes every outfit chic and sophisticated. The one you see in the picture is so warm and cosy. It almost feels like a blanket. When I saw this beauty hanging in the store, I immediately fell in love with it. Unfortunately they didn't have my size anymore. But all of a sudden I saw a woman passing by with the cape in her hands. She had the same build as me, so I guessed that she must have taken the last one in size S. I didn't pull it out of her hands of course. Imagine that, haha! No, I just went to the fitting room to look if she had given it back to the saleswoman and guess what; she gave it back! Jup, it was written in the stars ;)
I wore a lot of basics, because I wanted the cape to really stand out. A classy bootcut jeans and a simple knit was all it took. The bag is actually quite old, but the dark green gives the color palette a little twist. I'm nothing without my little accessories so I added bright blue earrings and a ring. The red lips and the blowdried hair made me feel extra glam that day.

Days are getting shorter and darker, so it's really hard to shoot outfits in this crappy light. Hope you don't mind the bad lighting...
Happy weekend!

All photos were taken by the amazing Dieter Bassier.

11 November 2014

Agenda: MOMU NOW

Hey guys! I'm back again and I brought you a brand new section. From time to time I will update you with must sees and must dos. For the first agenda post I went to Antwerp with my friends for the new Momu exhibition. Momu is a fashion museum which presents two new expositions a year. The most recent exhibition is called MOMU NOW and shows you 'newly added masterpieces of contemporary silhouettes to the Momu collection since 2009'. The pieces that are shown are mainly purchased from contemporary Belgian designers or donated by big foreign fashion houses. What you can expect are stunning silhouettes by designers as Raf Simons, Jill Sander, Balenciaga, Haider Ackermann, Christian Dior, Dries Van Noten and many more. The exhibition is rather small, but I think it's defenitely worth a visit if you're in the neighbourhood or if you combine it with a little shopping spree (or a big one - why not?). MOMU NOW runs until 4 January 2015. What are you waiting for?!

Here's a little selection of my favourite pieces... Enjoy!

2 November 2014

How Sunday looks like

Hello there! Today I'll leave you with a short outfitpost. Sundays are all about relaxing (forget about that massive pile of homework on my desk for a minute), comfort and being with family. And that's exactly what I did today. I wore this outfit to grab some lunch in the city with my parents. My favourite black pants and boots, a striped shirt and a camel trench. Nothing more, nothing less. Pretty basic for me, but it's just what I need at the end of a hectic week. What I love about the outfit is that it breathes that je-ne-sais-quoi  Parisian women have. Stay tuned, because there will be a new section on the blog very soon. Enjoy the brand new week, it's full of opportunities...

All photos were taken by Filip Deboel. Thanks, dad!