6 February 2015

You can leave your hat on

Hey there! Still cold over here, so I wore one of the warmest jumpers I own. It's a red knitted one and probably one of my favourites, because of the vibrant colour. Red is simply the best pick to spice up an otherwise completely black outfit and to brighten up a dark day like this.

4 February 2015

The mad hatter

It's freakin' cold outside and my ears are freezing off, so I can definitely use my big collection of head accessories. I never was so much of a hat person, because I thought I couldn't pull it off. But over the years I experimented a little and now it has become one of my favorite accessories. I have a lot of different pieces going from a black bowler hat to a French barret. To give you guys some inspiration on how to protect your ears from the cold, I did a little fun shoot. Hope you like it!

And oh yeah, I almost forgot to tell that I have something special coming up next week. So stay tuned!