2 October 2015

What's in my bag? - the college edition

Show me what's in your handbag and I tell you who you are...

Many women try to profile themselves through their handbag and make sure they carry 'the right one', looking all shipshape on the outside. But what is really interesting, is what is actually inside. A woman's handbag - and in particular its content - tells a lot about the owner's personality and life. These seemingly trivial odds and ends a woman carries around with her actually can tell a whole story. That's probably why I like this kind of post so much and always enjoy reading them on other blogs. So no, this isn't the most inventive post I've ever written, but since I enjoy them so much, I thought you might too. 

What's in my bag?

1+2+10: The usual suspects or as I like to call them; the holy trinity: keys, wallet (from Bulaggi) and mobile phone (iPhone 5s). 
3: A very old pencil case from Kipling, which I use since elementary school. I don't know how that's even possible, but he's still in perfect condition.
4+5+8: How to survive a long day at college and keep focused? Food! Food is the answer to everything anyway so yeah, I never leave the house without stuffing my bag with snacks and water.
6: A diary is indispensable to keep track on all my deadlines. This one's from Hema, but I customized it myself with this cool quote from Coco Chanel.
7: Chapsticks: all day, every day. Dry lips ask for hydration! This one's from Labello and it's one of my favourites, because it hydrates well and it gives my lips a very subtle colour.
9: What's a (journalism) student without a laptop?! 
11: Taking notes during class, scribbling down a random idea that pops into my head or writing down my interviews: it all happens in this notebook.

For school I switch between three bags, depending on how much I need to take with me. This Kipling 'Jytte' workbag (similar here) is one of them. It has a separate compartment for my laptop and a sewn key ring, so I immediately find my keys back (which can be a problem sometimes). I use this bag on 'lighter days'. 

So now I'm curious. What do you guys carry around all day? Have a great weekend!

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